The Field:

  1. Field Dimension: 59 ft X 97 ft
  2. Goal Post: 10 ft X 6 ft
  3. Penalty or ‘D’ Area: 19 ft 10inc radius of  2 quarter circles outside each goal post and joined by a straight line parallel to the goal line.
  4. Penalty Mark: 20 ft from the midpoint between the goal post.


  1. Team of 8 players including goalkeeper (5 + 3 substitutes).
  2. Rolling substitutions can be made during the match within the 8 players’ names given in the players list.
  3. Substitutions can be made by informing the referee & after the substituted player leaves the field.
  4. Goalkeeper can change within the 8-team members by informing the referee.
  5. Only employees of participating companies are eligible to participate.
  6. To start a match, a team should have a minimum of 4 players including goalkeeper. If a team has less than 4 players to start the match, then walkover will be awarded to the opponent.

Player’s Equipment:

  1. Players must dress in proper football attire (provided exclusively by the Advertising Club) – jerseys, shorts, and shin guards .
  2. Footwear: Football boots with plastic moulded studs or any sports shoes only. The use of footwear, shin guards & stockings are compulsory.
  3. Goalkeeper jersey colour should be distinguishable from other players.
  4. Each company is requested to bring their own football for practice, for the organizers will provide the football only for the matches

Match Duration:

  1. The duration of each game will be 30 minutes – Each half of 15 minutes with a half time interval of 5 minutes (15-5-15).
  2. The team must report 30 minutes prior to the scheduled match time to sign the register and for briefing.

The Ball In
and Out of PIay:

  1. There will be corner kicks if the ball goes off the defender.
  2. There will be no throw in, instead there will be kick in from the side lines.
  3. Scoring a goal from inside the ‘D’ is allowed. The defender or opponent can enter the ‘D’for scoring /defending is allowed.
  4. No goal kick – Instead, the goal keeper will roll the ball by hand (underarm only) from inside the ‘D’ area.
  5. During a free kick, opponents to stand minimum 3mt / 10ft from the football.
  6. The football can be kicked over the shoulders.


  1. Goalkeeper cannot touch the ball by hand outside the ‘D’. If this happens, a RED CARD will be shown to the goal keeper and suspended for a duration of 5 minutes and the team will have to play with only four players during that 5 minutes however the Goalkeeper could be replaced within four players on the field or a substitute could be brought in, but will have to play with only four players. If the same is repeated then the Goalkeeper will be suspended for that particular match and the team will have to play with only four players by replacing the goalkeeper within the four players or substituted but only four players should play throughout the remaining time of the match. (Referee’s decision will be final on this)
  2. Goalkeeper is not allowed to throw the ball sideways (Only underarm).
  3. Goalkeeper is not allowed to hold the ball for more than 6 seconds inside the D. If this happens, a free kick will be awarded to the opponent. (Referee’s decision will be final)
  4. Back pass to the goalkeeper is allowed but the goalkeeper is not allowed to receive the ball by hand inside the ‘D’ instead he should use his foot. Failure to comply, a free kick will be awarded to the opponent. However heading the ball back to the goalkeeper can be received by hand.
  5. For all infringements by the goalkeeper, the free kicks will be taken 10ft from top of the ‘D’.
  6. If the goalkeeper receives or picks up the ball by hand in the D area, he is not allowed to kick the ball, instead he has to throw the ball underarm only.
  7. There will be no goal kicks but the goalkeeper has to throw the ball under arm only.


  1. Penalty will be given against the goalkeeper only if the Goalkeeper fouls the opponent / striker inside the ‘D’ when in position to score a goal. The referee’s decision is final.
  2. Penalty will be given against a team if the defender except the goalkeeper handles the ball inside the D area intentionally or unintentionally and if the defender fouls the opponent inside the ‘D’ when in position to score a goal and this is depending on the referee’s decision.
  3. When a penalty kick is taken: The player who takes the penalty kick has to wait for the referee’s whistle before the kick.


  1. A goal is scored when the whole ball passes over the goal line between the posts.
  2. A goal can be scored from anywhere, even from the side lines when there is a kick in and also from the striker’s half.

Points Tabulation
and Walkover:

  1. Winner – 3 points; Draw – 1 point; Loss – 0 point
  2. Walk over – Only 3 points will be given to the team reporting for play.
  3. In case a team does not report 15 minutes from the scheduled time, walk over will be awarded to the opponent. (Tournament committee’s decision will be final on this)

Grouping and Qualification:

  1. There will be a maximum of 16 teams divided into 4 groups.
  2. Each group will consist of max. 4 teams considering the number of entries.
  3. Two top teams with maximum points in their group will qualify for quarterfinal (knock out) matches.
  4. In case, in a group, 2 or more teams with equal points qualify, first goal difference shall be considered i.e. Goals scored & against Goals conceded. In case this also results the same then goals for will be taken first and if this also is the same then goals against will be taken into account. If this also results in a tie, then toss of coin will decide the team to qualify.


  1. Each side will be allowed 3 penalty kicks from penalty mark, In case of a tie, sudden death rule will be applied and the team scoring first will be awarded the match.
  2. For qualifying rounds, in case of a draw, no extra time is given after normal play time.
  3. In all the knock out matches, in case of a draw after the regular playtime, extra time of 5 – 5 minutes will be played. If still undecided, tiebreaker rule will be applied i.e., penalty shoot out.


  1. If any team walks out of the ground on protest during the playtime, the teams will be disqualified from the tournament.
  2. If a player is found playing rough and using foul language on the ground or misbehaving with the referee, a red card will be shown which will lead to suspension of the player for that particular match or may be for the next match depending upon the offence & on the referees’ decision. Replacement for the suspended player will be allowed after 5 minutes of suspension.
  3. If any player / players / team man handles the opponent during the match or even after the match in the premises of the venue suspension will be given to the player/players /team for the next match or disqualified from the tournament.
  4. This is the discretion of the organizers & the tournament committee.
  5. Except the players and officials, no one can enter the field during the match.
  6. If any player who is identified as not employed with the respective company, the team will be disqualified from the tournament.
  7. The decision of the referee will be final in all matters during the match. No protest will be entertained against referee’s decision.


  1. In case the schedule is not completed on any day due to unavoidable reasons, matches will be played the next day beginning 9 am. All matches will commence from 9 am.
  2. Teams may have to play 3 or more matches in a day.
  3. Penalty or Free kick to be taken with not more than 2 steps run-up.
  4. All infringements/free kicks are direct kicks.
  5. Not more than 2 players to form a wall.
  6. Any request for postponement or change of match timing will not be entertained.
  7. No player will be allowed to enter the ground wearing any jewelry like rings, chain, and watches.
  8. The organizers have the right to reject any entry without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  9. The decision of the referee will be final in all respects of the game.
  10. In case of a protest, the team has to lodge a formal written protest signed by the team captain with a non­ refundable fee of Rs. 500/- within one hour of the particular match before or after the scheduled start of match.
  11. In matters of doubt not covered in the tournament rules, the decision of the tournament committee (Ad Club, Bangalore) shall be final and binding on all concerned.
  12. Other laws/rules as per FIFA regulations.
  13. Only employees of the participating company are allowed to be members of the team. Contract Trainees / employees are allowed to play provided they produce the ID card issued by the participating company or a letter from the company deputed on the company letter head & signed by the authorized signatory. No security guards of other agencies are allowed to participate. They should be employees of the participating company holding the ID card issued by the company.
  14. The Advertising Club may at their discretion can postpone/alter the time of a match due to unavoidable circumstances.
  15. The Advertising Club, Bangalore is not responsible for any injuries to players.

Awards for the Best Goalkeeper and Highest Goal Scorer and Player of the Tournament will be given. The organizers decision will be final for all awards.

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