About Us


The Advertising Club Bangalore since its inception in 1980, is one of the few Ad clubs in India* which has been successfully conducting workshops, seminars, professional talks, sports events and the BIG BANG…the awards nite for excellence in advertising.

With Bangalore becoming the Advertising Hub of South India, the City has been attracting a lot of Young and Dynamic Talent. The Sports activities of The Ad Club Bangalore in the recent years have witnessed a great deal of participation reiterating our belief that Advertising is all work and Some Play.

Another thing about us is, we provide equal opportunity to all in the fraternity – servicing/ creative/ media/ marketing/ small agency/ large agency/ small fry in a small agency/ small fry in a big agency…whoever to participate in the governance of the club by being on the executive committee. You can even flash the fact that you are an executive member on your business card. Elections are held at the AGM around June every year. Watch out for details. But become a member first.

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